Monday, July 28, 2008

Romance- Sahes Park of Pune- Maharashtra-India

I want you to take with me to have a glimpse of Sahes Park of Pune, called Lovers Park. I visited Pune in December 1981 in connection with an interview and visited this park.
In the evening many Lovers that are i.e. Lover and beloved could be seen freely talking and mixing each other. I was with my two friends. Both were non-Maharashtriyan.
One of my friends (Army Man) wanted to talk to a beautiful girl who was with her Lover. She angrily asked my friends “are you Maharashtriyan?”
My friend replied “No, I belong to UP”.
The girl replied, “Than you are called upon to talk to me, otherwise you would face consequences.”
Her Lover became angrier and uttered some words in Marathi. I requested my friend not to argue and mix up with them.
I asked again my friend that this is Lovers Park and we should not stay here anymore. Let them enjoy. If we want to stay here, we should keep Mum and only watch beauty of this place and beautiful girls.
Thus we got an opportunity to see Lovers Park, a best place of Romance without any interference.
This Park may be named ‘Lovers Paradise’.